Electrical Expertise

SAFER. CLEANER. BETTER. We are one of the very few Technology contractor’s that’s qualified AND licensed to perform all low-voltage work, security and

electrical systems. Many companies contract out their other services. Not here – we do it all. And there’s a reason why – we are in control of your system’s performance from the design to the wiring through to the installation and programming. Since just about every system is dependent on electrical power, we can be sure your power is delivered properly with the correct wiring paths, high-quality parts, extra power on demand and controlled interactions with all sensitive equipment. You can expect purified, optimized power for the ultimate picture and sound, regardless of system size or budget. Typical electrical contractors aren’t trained in the demands of a high-performance home automation, video, audio or lighting control system. When your system is built correctly right down to the electrical power, it makes a world of difference.

We protect against brownouts, blackouts and surges, both manmade and from nature. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that your electronics—not to mention home and loved ones—are protected from potentially devastating hazards presented by sub-standard materials and workmanship.