Control 4 Partners with Sonos® to Deliver Perfectly Integrated Whole Home Audio Experience

New collaboration makes it easy for integrators to offer Sonos as part of a complete Control 4 home system

Control 4, the global leader in custom home automation and control technology and one of our favorite partners, announced today a groundbreaking new partnership with Sonos, a leading home sound system. The new collaboration enables the Sonos app to be seamlessly integrated with Control 4 home automation systems. Homeowners can now search and stream all of their favorite music on their Sonos home sound system right from Control 4 touch screens, handheld remotes, keypads, and from the Control 4 app on popular mobile devices.

“Our new collaboration with Sonos is a big win for Control 4 dealers and the upscale homeowners they serve,” said John Clancy, VP of Residential Systems at Control 4. “It is now easy to integrate Sonos on any scale, from a single room to an entire estate, into a custom Control 4 home automation system. This includes all Sonos meta-data, artwork, control options, and the real-time feedback Control 4 programmers need to ensure a spectacular user experience in every room.”

Now, in addition to lights, shades, thermostats, theater systems, security and much more, homeowners can control Sonos products from Control 4 touch screens, remotes, and keypads. They can view all of their Sonos favorites, play/pause the music, adjust the volume, view now playing information with artwork, and add or remove zones as they move about the house. What’s more, the Sonos home sound can be integrated into personalized Control 4 scenes, such as “Welcome Home,” whereby a single tap of a touch screen, keypad, or personal device disarms the security system, turns on the kitchen and family room lights, adjusts the temperature to 72 degrees, and starts playing great music.

“Our goal at Sonos is to make it as easy as possible to enjoy all of your favorite music out loud,” said Andrew Vloyanetes, Sonos global business development manager. “Collaborating with Control 4 allows us to work with true innovators in home automation to ensure
Sonos works seamlessly as part of the ultimate smart home lifestyle.”