Control 4 Delivers Unparalleled Whole Home Voice Control Via Amazon Alexa

Homeowners can now ask Alexa to control music, lights, shades, temperature, video distribution and endless custom automation possibilities only Control 4 provides.

Control 4, the global leader in custom home automation and control technology and a favorite of ours at Signals, has partnered with Amazon Alexa to provide next-generation voice control of Control 4 home systems. Control 4 Technology Professionals can now leverage Alexa Voice Service to build voice controlled scenes and settings that are fully customized to their clients’ lifestyles. Integration is not limited to basic functions such as lighting and temperature; homeowners can choose from an unlimited range of voice control options for their homes featuring the unparalleled power, nuance, and customization only available with Control 4.

“Control 4 customers expect a truly integrated home technology experience,” said John Clancy, VP of Residential Systems at Control 4. “We’ve been collaborating very closely with Amazon Alexa engineers to make sure we offer an uncompromising voice control experience that is every bit as seamless and satisfying as tapping a button on a beautiful Control 4 touch screen, remote control, or designer keypad. You can ask Alexa to set the mood for dinner, or to play a movie in the bedroom, or let her know it’s too cold in the bathroom. Just say the word and your Control 4 system responds immediately.”

Very cool!